Not just for five o’clock – finest British teas now in Poland

Tea... what beverage could be more associated in our minds with Great Britain, the land where, at three o’clock (not five, as popularly believed in Poland) everything stops for tea?

Marks & Spencer – as could be expected from the best-known British retailer in Poland – sells an extensive range of teas in its shops here.


Tea can be divided into black tea and flavoured or herbal teas.

While it is true that Brits drink tea with milk, they are as unlikely to pour milk into a cup of chamomile or raspberry tea as any self-respecting Pole!

Marks & Spencer carries a wide selection of fine teas. All the black teas are fair trade (a difficult word for Poles to pronounce – nothing to do with fur trade!). Among Marks & Spencer’s black teas are the classic Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend – one for getting you on your feet in the morning – lively, smooth and refreshing; Decaffeinated, which is caffeine free yet still refreshes and is full of flavour, and the lighter, smooth and refreshing Everyday. All the black teas come in a range of intensity and strength graded from 1 to 3.

A word about milk and strength. If you’d like to try black tea with milk, British-style, go for a strong tea with an

intense flavour. If you intend to drink your tea with lemon, Polish-style, a weaker tea is recommended.

And choice of milk is very important; avoid UHT milks – their taste overwhelms the tea and the result is nothing like traditional British tea with milk. In Britain, bottled fresh milk predominates in the kitchen; this is now available in Poland in most larger shops and supermarkets (fresh milk in glass bottles is optimal).

Flavoured teas sold by Marks & Spencer all come with the guarantee that they contain no artificial flavours or colours, just natural herbs and fruits. On offer are Strawberry & Raspberry; Calming Infusion – camomile, limeflower, lavender; White Tea & Raspberry; Cranberry & Elderflower (caffeine free), Pure Camomile; and Pure Peppermint.