Poland's finance minister answers question 'Why Poland?' at BPCC London CEO event

Over 100 delegates attended the BPCC’s CEO Forum – Why Poland? event in London at which the keynote speaker was Poland’s finance minister, Prof. Jacek Rostowski. Among the business leaders present in the audience were investors and businesses already present in the Polish market and many more thinking of doing so.

The venue, at Jones Lang LaSalle’s UK headquarters in Hanover Square was ideal for this event which took place on the hottest day of the year so far; the air conditioning kept everyone cool.

BPCC chairman, Alan Jarman, country CEO of HSBC Poland opened the forum with up-to-the-minute information about Poland in a presentation which explained why the Polish economy is one of the great success stories in Europe and indeed globally.

This was followed by Paweł Potoroczyn, director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute who spoke about the Polish government’s cultural programme for its upcoming presidency of the

EU Council, the ‘soft factors’ determining corporate foreign investment decisions and a light-hearted look at the differences in culture between Poland and the UK.

Prof. Jacek Rostowski then spoke about the part that Poland has played in its own economic success and made clear that it had real purpose in assuming the presidency of the EU council for the forthcoming six month tenure. Prof. Rostowski warned delegates not to miss out on Polish business opportunities. “Over the last four years Poland has managed to charter extremely difficult waters to maintain solid growth. It remains a stable and attractive global investment destination. The UK is one of Poland's leading trading partners, although trade and investment flows between the two countries have the potential to be far greater," he said "I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet British business and Polish nationals in the UK at this exciting time in the development of the relationship between our two countries,” said Mr Rostowski.

After Prof. Rostowski’s speech, there was a panel discussion in which he took part along with Pascal Baker, director of CapGemini BPO Europe; John Duckworth of Jones Lang LaSalle; Ian Hutchins, Tesco’s European affairs director; Antoni Reczek, president of the board of PwC Polska and Adam Żolnowski of PwC.

Poland’s ambassador to the UK, Barbara Tuge-Erecinska attended the event together with several members of her staff.

Many questions were asked by delegates; the shale gas projects and the drilling taking place in Poland and others about the sustainability of arable crops in the country, taking into account the dash for biofuels taking place all over the world. Other questions concerned the future of the zloty as Poland’s currency.

In all this was a extremely well-received conference and the general message from members and potential members was – ”More of the same please!”